Sunday, July 26, 2009


No one really understands me and my strong need for volleyball. Its all i see myself doing in the future. No one understands that. Like how i never got to say goodbye to my best friend lauren before she moved. cause i had a volleyball tournament. they said "oh, just skip it". i cant. i made a commitment to my team. and they need me more then anything. no one really understands how nerve wrecking it is to try out fora volleyball team. i spend pretty much every waking moment practicing for the try outs in november, and let me tell you. im probably more nervous over that then i have been over anything. i mean what if i dont make it, what other options do i have? not many. im so scared, and when i dont make it, i dont know what to do. im so scared. all i see myself doing is playing. playing. and no one can understand that, ive pretty much threw everything away to play. i never get to hang out with my friends. its volleyball, all the time. i love that. but sometimes i miss them. like they dont even understand why i cant skip a tournament just to be with them. its called i signed a contract. i have volleyball more then 3 times a week for more then 2 hours a day, and tournaments EVERY saturday. i will soon hopefully travel and then i might miss four days of school or so. and they just cant understand. i live to play volleyball. its all i ever do, and they just cant understand, my life is so different now. its rediculous. but, im glad.

Monday, June 15, 2009


I played volleyball on saturday, again ;] Sand tournament, and took 2nd place. Against EVJ girls ;] i have to say, theyre good competition. The next day, family came! My aunt Julie, and my cousins johnathan and jocelyn. So im swimming and all of a sudden i go into lockdown. My head isnt moving and any movement i make makes my shoulder hurt like a mother! I have a pinched nerve. Ugh. Too much volleyball im guessing, its my serving arm! So i had to miss setters camp ;[ (im a setter and cant goto my own camp and see mikayla!) ;] oh well. But its getting slowly better. I just am very very stiff. UGH. It hurts like you wouldnt imagine! But icy hot works like a charm ;] So yeah......haha. Lucky me. Ill be back on later! Also!! Volleyball, sand on wednesday! better be better by then, we play a 12s team and a 16s team!!! 16 THATS 4 YEARS OLDER THAN US! hopefully we do really good. my family will come and watch! ;] yeah. im excited!!! cant wait!! i love my sand partner!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

;] upcoming.

Sand tonight ;] im really excited.
also, hopefully sometime this summer, we get to go on a vacaction to california, im so looking forward to it! we get to stay on the beach, talk about great photography moments! ;] itll get me up and going, there will be tons of beautiful sunsets to take pics of and sights! were going for a week and to lego land! ;] super excited! i hope we get to, if not, thatd really suck! ;[ but i cant wait till try outs in november. im so excited, theres only one problem, i dont want to go to az sky and not make the cub team. cause i dont play good enough to be on that team, theyre like at a 16 level at 13! theyre monsterous! scary! haha. so im thinking zia 13s or 14s. not so sure yet... ill keep you posted on what i decide. im undecided. but i did make this really cool poster thing on a huge board just of stuff about me and different pics! its really cool. im going to get some of my photgraphy images on there, and ill but some more on here right now ;] here goes nothing.

;] the first one is my sisterrr! shes sooo gonna be a model when shes older!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Hubby ;]

Its True ;] we are married. HE JUST DOESNT KNOW ;] YET!


Mikayla L ;]

Mikayla, Me, Chels, Tayy ;]

your a total stud volleyball player and one of my best friends ;] your like insane!! you are my sand partener ;] and also my 4on4 partener! alsooooo my other sand partener! your just my volleyball partener!! your my bestiee ;] iloveyah gerlyy! and your fake laugh! yeah hilarious!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

8 :]

8 Things I’m looking forward to…..

1. Spending time with my friends
2. Take flight volleyball camp
3. starting Sand tournaments
4. Julie coming in june :]
5. Kris allens new album :] love him
6. Sleeping in this summer
7. Staying up late
8. vacation

8 Things I Did Yesterday……

1. Swam
2. played volleyball
3. ate food :]
4. plated volleyball
5. watched MYAH ;]
6. texted
7. slept :]
8. played in the cloudy weather

8 Things I Wish I could Do…..

1. Meet Kris Allen
2. Be an awesome volleyball player
3. be able to drive
4. Sing :] haha.
5. Spend lots of money ;]
6. Play volleyball 24/7
7. Spend time with lauren before she moves
8. Have fun :]

8 Shows I Watch…..

1. That 70's Show
2. American Idol
3. What i like about you
4. Ace of cakes
5. Music videos
6. American Idol
7. CSI Las Vegas/Miami
8. Crossing Jordan

8 People I Want To Read 8 Things About…..

5—Kris allen
6-Allison Iraheta
8-Brendon Urie :]

I Recccccomend thiss bloggg :]

Kris Allen

:] my lover! i love kris soooo much. hes like the hottest ever :] hes one of the best singers evaaa :]

i love no boundries, listening to it ATM. its amazing. ;]
ilove you kris, and ill buy all your albums you hottie with a body ;]
and a voice...

he deserved to win soo much, i voted for him 4 times ;]'

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